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Is it safe to take it?

Ans. Alcoban is a completely natural product and is without any side effects. It can be taken by all genders.

Does it affect normal health?

Ans. As the preparation involves herbs known to strengthen memory, vital parameters, and metabolism, it increases the body’s strength both physically and mentally. There are no adverse effects known of Alcoban.

Can pregnant or lactating women take it?

Ans. Pregnant or lactating women should avoid it.

Can people with serious medical illnesses take it?

Ans. Though it is a safe and completely homeopathic preparation, anyone with any serious medical ailment should consult his/her physician before taking it.

What are the side effects of Alcoban?

Ans. Alcoban is a completely homeopathic product and has no side effects for most people. It can be taken by anyone above the age of 18. If you experience excessive vomiting after taking Alcoban, please reduce dosage. (Read the precautions on the home page before taking Alcoban)

Does it require to be used continuously?

Ans. The effect of Alcoban is not temporary and lasts long. However, if a person starts taking the habit-forming substance again or doesn’t quit completely, it can be repeated.

Is it effective on all types of substance dependence?

Ans. It is effective in tobacco, alcohol, drug, and smoking dependency.

Do Alcoban drops stop cravings?

Ans. Alcoban is a unique homeopathic formula, specially created for the treatment of various types of dependencies. It is the World’s FIRST Anti-dependency product with a proven effect. The drops are both potent and effective as they reduce any cravings to drink or smoke while also relieving nausea and anxiety caused by withdrawal symptoms.

Do Alcoban Drops work immediately?

Ans. Yes, Alcoban drops have an almost immediate effect. The Alcoban user will feel strong reactions like nausea and headaches if they drink alcohol after taking Alcoban. This will trigger alcohol withdrawal in the user as soon as the treatment begins.